2023 Sporkie Finalist

2023 Sporkie Finalist

Sweet & Savory Funnel Cake “Fries”

Look for the giant 13 foot Golden Spork at the Bud Pavilion!

Sweet & Savory Funnel Cake Fries at the the Bud Pavilion, Sporkie

This dish pays homage to beloved Wisconsin State Fair staples in one decadent dish. Crispy and golden funnel cake “fries” are topped with savory cheese curds and crispy bacon pieces, then drizzled with rich chocolate sauce and a sweet cream cheese frosting glaze. The Sweet and Savory Funnel Cake Fries are sure to satisfy any craving for something sweet, salty, and indulgent.

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About the Sporkies

In 2023, Wisconsin State Fair is celebrating 10 years of The Sporkies, the beloved food competition that’s created hundreds of delicious dishes throughout the past decade.  The Sporkie winner will be announced prior to opening day of the State Fair!

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