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Wisconsin State Fair

2023 Lineup


The Bud Pavilion is one of the largest free entertainment stages at the Wisconsin State Fair Park.

The Pavilion hosts 33 bands over the 11 days of the Wisconsin State Fair (three each day) and offers a full food menu at The Grill as well as cold beer, hard seltzer, and N/A products. We have multiple kiosks around the fairgrounds for patrons to enjoy our products anywhere they go. Our Goose Island Ale House is also open, offering the best in cold craft beers and featuring special tappings each day. For the best all-around entertainment experience at the Wisconsin State Fair, be sure you visit the Bud Pavilion!



Live Music


33 great cover bands in 11 days means non-stop entertainment every time you stop by!

goose island ale house beers


Enjoy ice-cold, unique craft beer, and daily special release tappings at our Goose Island Ale House.


Fresh, hot food served at The Grill means you can refuel any time, day or night!


What time does the Pavilion open during Wisconsin State Fair?2022-07-26T19:36:27-05:00

The Bud Pavilion is open at 10:00 am daily during the 2022 Wisconsin State Fair.

What time does the live music start at Wisconsin State Fair?2021-06-18T14:55:30-05:00

Live music at the Bud Pavilion during the Wisconsin State Fair begins at 11:00 am daily.

What time does the live music end at Wisconsin State Fair?2021-06-20T14:57:38-05:00

Our bands end anywhere between 9:30 pm and 11:00 pm depending on the day. Please check our band schedules for exact times.

Can I reserve a table at Wisconsin State Fair?2021-06-17T01:24:54-05:00

Tables and seating at the Bud Pavilion during the Wisconsin State Fair is on a first-come-first-served basis. If you have specific or special requests, please contact a staff member on-site.

Are dogs permitted at Wisconsin State Fair?2021-06-18T14:54:52-05:00

No, pets are not permitted on the grounds during the Wisconsin State Fair.

What is the cost to attend events at the Bud Pavilion?2021-06-23T00:15:06-05:00

The Bud Pavilion does not charge for admission.

However, all patrons must have a ticket to attend the Wisconsin State Fair. Tickets are sold through the Wisconsin State Fair ticket office in person or online.

Do you have Wifi?2021-06-17T01:23:57-05:00

Yes, the Pavilion provides FREE public Wifi access.

Does the Bud Pavilion have air conditioning?2021-06-08T00:13:07-05:00

The Bud Pavilion and the Goose Island Ale House are both fan-cooled facilities.

Is the Pavilion accessible to people with disabilities?2021-06-08T00:13:49-05:00

Yes, the Pavilion is at street level with no curbs to better accommodate our customers using assisted-walking devices and wheelchairs.

Do you have bathrooms?2021-06-08T00:14:22-05:00

The Bud Pavilion does not have bathrooms available to the general public. There are public bathrooms just to the east of the Pavilion at the end of Micro Alley.

Can I bring food or beverages into the Bud Pavilion?2021-06-23T09:52:50-05:00

Carry-ins are strictly prohibited at Wisconsin State Fair Park. Security guards check all backpacks, purses, and bags upon entry.

What happens if it rains?2021-06-08T00:17:00-05:00

We have a large Pavilion roof that can cover nearly 1,000 people. Our performances happen rain or shine. However, performances may start late, end early, or be postponed indefinitely in case of severe weather that presents a danger to our patrons, staff, and bands.

Can I smoke?2021-06-20T14:55:23-05:00

Smoking under the Pavilion roof is strictly prohibited. This includes tobacco, vape, electronic products, and anything else that emits smoke, steam, or vapor. Smoking outdoors is always permitted. The use of illegal substances is also strictly prohibited.

Can I dance while the band is playing?2021-06-08T00:18:14-05:00

Yes! Patrons can dance anywhere they like, especially on our large dance floor in front of the stage. Dancing on top of benches, stools, tables or bars is strictly prohibited.

What if I have a question, comment, or concern about something I’ve experienced or witnessed at the Bud Pavilion?2021-06-08T00:18:43-05:00

We encourage feedback of all kinds from our customers. Please contact an onsite staff member and they will help you direct your feedback to the correct person. You can also send an email to: [email protected].

What happens if I have an emergency?2021-06-08T00:19:28-05:00

We encourage patrons experiencing an emergency to either immediately contact the nearest staff member or State Fair Police Officer for assistance.

Wisconsin State Fair

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Wisconsin State Fair
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