Madison County


Madison County is a country cover band based out of Madison, WI that has evolved its high-energy engaging show to stay fresh and unique playing great country hits.

Madison County2022-07-10T10:03:03-05:00
  • Bella Cain

Bella Cain


Bella Cain is a high-energy Top 40 country band with great stage presence and energy.

Bella Cain2022-04-06T18:05:50-05:00
  • Rebel Grace

Rebel Grace


Rebel Grace brings the best songs from the biggest stars in country music today.

Rebel Grace2022-04-06T18:09:26-05:00

The Cheap Shots


The Cheap Shots plays hits from Rush to Usher with a highly-interactive performance and a wide-ranging set list.

The Cheap Shots2022-07-07T17:32:52-05:00
  • The Cheap Shots

The Cheap Shots


The Cheap Shots plays the hits - from Rush to Usher - with a few surprises thrown into this highly-interactive performance.

The Cheap Shots2021-07-07T14:48:43-05:00
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