• The Toys

The Toys


The Toys are a staple of the local cover band scene and are always evolving their huge mix of rock and pop.

The Toys2021-07-07T11:51:17-05:00

Bella Cain


Bella Cain is a high-energy Top 40 country band performing at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Bella Cain2021-09-08T23:07:30-05:00
  • The LoveMonkeys

The LoveMonkeys


The Lovemonkeys always bring a fresh mix of rock, pop, Caribbean, ska, punk, country... just about EVERYTHING to their crazy jumpy-dancy performances!

The LoveMonkeys2021-06-23T12:27:45-05:00
  • The Cheap Shots

The Cheap Shots


The Cheap Shots plays the hits - from Rush to Usher - with a few surprises thrown into this highly-interactive performance.

The Cheap Shots2021-07-07T14:48:43-05:00
  • Generation Z

Generation Z


Generation Z is a modern band — pop songs, dance moves, and a frontman who can channel pop and R&B music from the past 40 years.

Generation Z2021-06-23T12:29:18-05:00
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