• Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie


A fun, family-friendly festival band! Cherry Pie plays the biggest “Hair Band” hits and ballads of the ’80s, in addition to a few anthems from the ’70s.

Cherry Pie2022-07-10T09:44:05-05:00
  • The LoveMonkeys

The LoveMonkeys


The LoveMonkeys brings a fresh mix of rock, pop, Caribbean, ska, punk, and country to the stage.

The LoveMonkeys2022-07-10T09:44:39-05:00

The Rhythm Kings


The Rhythm Kings, led by fan-favorite musician Marcell Guyton, feature R&B, rock, Disco, jazz, blues, reggae and the hits of today and yesterday.

The Rhythm Kings2022-07-10T09:46:54-05:00

The Kingfish Band


Since 2003, The Kingfish have been entertaining Wisconsin and the Chicagoland area through clubs, festivals, weddings and events, performing outstanding rock covers.

The Kingfish Band2022-07-10T09:52:30-05:00

The Cheap Shots


The Cheap Shots plays hits from Rush to Usher with a highly-interactive performance and a wide-ranging set list.

The Cheap Shots2022-06-21T08:36:49-05:00

Joe 2.0


Joe 2.0 is like a rock band and symphony orchestra all rolled into one, performing powerful and unique arrangements of pop and rock songs that span the generations.

Joe 2.02021-07-08T09:22:05-05:00

The Civil Engineers


The Civil Engineers is a rock and soul band playing lively, original dance music that attracts music fans of all genres.

The Civil Engineers2021-07-08T10:20:31-05:00

Without Annette


Without Annette is comprised of five talented musicians who are seasoned, fan-favorite veterans of the Milwaukee music scene.

Without Annette2021-07-07T16:35:25-05:00

Doc Hammer


Doc Hammer is a high energy hard rock/metal band that plays hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Doc Hammer2021-07-07T16:10:04-05:00
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